Saturday, July 16, 2011

Something to Share

Ever since truly rolling up my sleeves and digging into being responsible for my own blog I have been a little worried about sharing things with all of my bloggie friends.  Not worried because I don't want to, quite the opposite.  I am SO worried because you all share so much and it's always amazing- that's A LOT to live up to and I have been known to take pressure poorly.  But, I am trying to overcome this anxiety and share what I can.  A lot of the cute centers and games (that I don't download from you generous people) I make on my Cricut- an amazing machine that changed my classroom forever.  Does anyone have one of these miracle workers?
     I can assure it does Ahh-mazing stuff, much of which I am still learning.  If you do happen to have one and use it for the classroom, I would love to hear or see what you do with it.  Since much of material is made with this angel, I can not share it because it is not on the computer obviously.  But, I do have a document here and there that I will give (if you would like to have it).  
     I know there has been some talk about Reader's Notebooks lately on a few blogs and I thought I would share a document I put in the front of my sweeties notebooks.  I have it in there notebook, pasted on the front cover, ready to go from day one- but they don't use it for awhile.  I like to go through each response as a class after a read-aloud.  Weekly I will choose 2 responses to focus on.  After I read a story we will do a shared writing to answer one of them.  After going through this bit we will put a green dot next to that response in our notebook meaning "it's a go"- they are able to use that one when responding to their reading on their own.  I like to have them respond 1-3 times a week depending on their reading level and the stations they visit weekly (If they are a lower level reader they may spend more time with me in groups and we will do a lot of responding together, so they may only do it once a week).  
     This is the first time I have ever shared a document, so I am hoping a few things-
         1.  I am hoping it works (with fingers crossed).
         2.  I am hoping it is something usable for you.
         3.  I hope it lives up to the sharing standards :).    
     That may seem a lot to hope for, but I have faith.  Click on the worm to check out this long awaited document.  


Mrs. Shepherd said...

Thanks for posting they look good. I'm glad to see more second grade blogs pop up!

Busy Bees said...

So glad to find another second grade blog. Thanks so much for the Reading Notebook freebie!! It worked perfect!!

Alysia Battista said...

Just found your blog! Don't worry about sharing printables, people love pictures of what you do just as much! That's why pinterest is so huge now.
Miss B, Busy Bee

Adlon said...

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Awais said...

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Fun in Second Grade said...

Love your second grade blog. I am new to the blogging world. Sharing items always makes me nervous, because so many teachers are more creative and talented!

If you get a chance come visit my blog :)

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